Whats been happening???

Thought id fill you in on the last few weeks, its been a bit hectic..
My remix of Miyake Noro’s track called ‘Incredible Love’ finally came out.
It was released on ODA Digital Records, Frankfurt.

ODA @ Beatport

On the remix front, i have just finished remixing a track called ‘Smile Or Die’ by Rob E, again due for release on ODA in the next few months, sample on MySpace soon, i promise. Also another 2 remixes came in this week from a label called Substream from Sweeden. The artist is called ‘Rubikon’ and is singer Tiff Lacey (ATB) and producer Huw Williams. I am very happy to be doing these as the vocals are amazing.
The remix i did for ‘Saltsweet’ song called ‘In Circles’ on FG Beats, Chicago gets promo’d in the next few weeks so look out for that one too.

On the solo track front, Mine and Alex Ellenger’s track ‘EL AL’ is due for release in June, with the launch party being at Eden, Ibiza on the 8th June. Pop down if you on the Island and say hello, it will be a great party. Myself and Alex are both playing.

We have the first ‘Southern Lights Recordings’ club night on Friday 8th May at Bar Sia in Wimbledon, London, again pop along if you can.
The next track out on Southern Lights on the 11th May is called ‘Talk Balk’ by South American Techno DJs, Jog n Pitch, the package comes with remixes from Dan Ferritto, Johan Afterglow and Type 1.

Putting the final tracks together for my first radio show to be done live, i have arranged some very special guest dj mixes for it too, i will let you know the date as soon as i do, you will get to here some exclusive tracks, remixes etc….

looking forward to all the gigs over the summer too, especially Guilfest on the 11th July


I will do another update next week


~ by alanprosser on May 1, 2009.

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