Alan Prosser November 2008 Promo Mix


Here is a link to my November 2008 Promo Mix, Let me know what you all think and thanks for the support

Alan Prosser November 2008 Promo Mix

Track listing:
1: Umek VS Beltek – Army Of 2 (Jay Lumen Main Stage Remix)
2: Daniel Portman – Costa Brava (Helvetic Nerds Remix)
3: Alan Prosser – Phonecall From Frankfurt
4: Ante Perry Tube Berger – Human You (Original Mix)
5: Awell – Been A Long Time
6: Daniel Portman – Rumor Has It
7: Jay Lumen – Calypso (Original Mix)
8: Passenger 10 – Mirage
9: Bart Skiils – Crabsticks (Anton Pieete Remix)
10: Wolfgang Gartner – Montezuma


~ by alanprosser on November 3, 2008.

4 Responses to “Alan Prosser November 2008 Promo Mix”

  1. Thanks for the link

  2. No problem Pete, hope you like, thanks

  3. Passenger 10 track is a tuuuuune! Nice mix, takin it running on my ipod thanx.

  4. Thanks Ian, glad you have enjoyed the mix 😉

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