My Biography

Alan Started Djing and Producing at the age of 14, by the time he was 16 he already had a studio built and was producing early house music on an Atari. After signing his early productions to various labels with artist names such as, “Chiller Productions”, “Sophie’s Boys”, “Housa Musika” and “Dance Easy”, he decided to launch his own, called “12 Inch Thumpers”. The first release was a track called “Don’t Cross the Line” which was possibly one of the most recognizable underground harder edge tracks of 1999, still massively played today; the track has been licensed, along with other tracks to compilations like Euphoria and to The Ministry of Sound. Alan has also played his own tracks all over the world including Canada, South Africa and Australia (Gatecrasher).

After having over 100 releases and selling more than 200,000 records, 6 years ago Alan moved away from the harder sound he was writing and back to the original house sound he started with, he rebuilt his home studio and started work on more tech house projects, he is currently releasing tracks on Southern Lights records and is working on a new album.

In a music career that has spanned 20 years, Alan has had the pleasure to work with such people as Al McKenzie (D: ream), Marl Luvdup, Angie Brown (Bizarre Inc), John 00 Fleming, Graham Gold (Kiss 100FM) and many others.

Alan’s sound right now is a tech housed fusion between uplifting percussion and deep dark bass line grooves, influenced highly from this years Ibiza season. Although in his productions he always keeps the harder edge, he is always pushing the boundaries, with support already this year from the legendary Steve Lawler, 2008 / 2009 just keeps getting better for Alan Prosser.


~ by alanprosser on October 30, 2008.

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